My Rig

My set is generally some permutation of the above kit.  Tama kit with Tama piccolo snare and a 'timbalito'.  I don't really like the timbalito sound but it's better than lugging around real Timbales.  I enjoy the K's and A's by Zildjian Cymbals.  The A Customs sound sweet in the studio and just right live, if not a little short.  I'd rather have a short crash than a long, and the K 18" is long enough.  This ride...well it's been around awhile.  It's a vintage Zildjian, very wet - nice for jazz.  For smaller gigs this kit is a 3 piece or 4 piece, and for larger shows I carry what's shown, plus maybe another cymbal (Wuham China, A. Custom Crash).  I just recently switched to an Aquarian Superkick II on the batter head, I'll let you know how that goes.

As far as mic's.  You know, if someone really wants an expensive mic on the kit, then they will have the expensive mic.  I have a relatively cheap set of Audix mics and Sure overhead condensers.  These are for my own home recording and in the event that minor reinforcement is needed live.  

I am currently working with a Mackie HD1501 subwoofer running through a Mackie 12 channel VLZ Pro mixer.  This setup is independent of the PA if needed, and just right for small venues.  I'll make an update as time passes on it's continued performance.

MIDI system is available as needed for live samples and synth drum mixes.  My system consists of 4 ddrum Red Shots, an Alesis 10-input analog to MIDI I/O, and various sound banks including an EMU-esi32 sampler and a Dr. Sample unit.  Using samples is old news, but live integration is a new frontier that I'm just getting into.  Studio mixes have potential as well, just ask!