"Only what you say", a groundbreaking electronic piece in the genre of Progressive House / Trance House will be made available ...right now! Free less-quality sample;
or get the good one here;

Other new music releases are here! - the most up to date recordings featuring full kit, flute, acoustic and electric guitar and vocals - "Reservations Behind"  free sample below.


The following two links take you to FOR SALE albums, scroll down for a few freebies! - Original rippin' acoustic guitar, and electric, with full kit, bass, and violin.  Some vocal, some instrumental. - Pieces and Parts Vol. 1 ; a collection of project songs and soundscapes, vocals, ambient, electronic, and effected guitars.

Invisible Cities; electronica, ambient, house and techno
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All three albums are available on numerous media outlets including amazon, iTunes, napster, and many others.  For a complete listing of available songs visit my youtube channel, Windrider707.

Sample based dub

reservations behind, a complete mix on instrumental

Exploring polys, 3 against 2, in a structured solo.  Some kid took the vid on a phone so be warned of bad sound quality!

Song for Eustace and TI, from "Legendary Song", original.  Spencer on vocals and all instruments except violin; featuring Kaitlin Durham

Vocal highlight, "Legendary Song" 2011. Original pics and music.

Original rock progressive, funny vid of solo recording, Ian on electronic drums, all others Spencer.

Track 1 off of 1998 Invisible Cities, electronica

Original photos with tune.

Original drum sample, sparse piano and open layered vocals.

Scratch track, fusion piano piece - fun to play live drums on