Saturday, July 23, 2011


The song "Soetoro", released this week, will be available for download SOON.  It takes a few days to show up on itunes and others.  Check back.  Other tunes available under the MUSIC tab.

To watch the live drum recording click this link

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Show with Mackie HD1501 Sub

I would have waited until I had more time in with this speaker system, but it sounded so good tonight I wanted to post it.  It's just what I hoped it would be.  I was spoiled by the impossible-to-transport older Mackie sub box, the 18".  But the 15" is real nice for that desperately needed bass.  Mic placement seems to be the key factor in the whole setup.  I was running at 70% power, just barely running into the yellow light on the subwoofer, and playing outdoors for maybe 200-250 people.  It tightened up the band, saved my foot a lot of work, and kept folks on their feet for the duration.  It even took a few specks of rain - but thankfully I wasn't the only one wondering about how well cymbals conduct electricity.  Or otherwise influence lightning.  But we setup immediately under cover and kept going.  The sound wasn't as perfect for lack of time to fine tune, but it was still great, and simple.  Just be careful, if someone moves your eq be sure to check the trim knob before turning on...

Kick Drum help

Two misconceptions about kick drum sound and mic-ing. One; turning up the low end on the eq will solve a 'lack of bass' problem.  In fact, a good drum with a good mic in the right place will sound full and great with minor tweaks on the eq.  Two; a looser bass drum batter head means lower, punchier sound.  In fact, the words punchy and low are two distinct frequencies, complementing one another.  Experiment with a tighter batter head and various light muffling of the resonant head to reduce overtones. 

A punchy bass with a head tight enough to bounce the kick pedal on, combined with a well placed mic with minor eq tweaking (off mids, a little high boost, maybe a 'little' low) means one thing - killer live sound.

Of course, then you need a good system. :/

p.s. - opinions on kick drum tuning mics and eq and fx are like....well, everyone has one.  Of course, some ARE better than others.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Musician = canary in the coal mine?

Well, I don't have to listen to the economic news it seems.  As folks debate budget gaps, deficits, rich taxes, poor entitlements, and the endless array of political jargon available on your T.V. anytime of day - I say look closer to home.  Musicians feel the winds of economics quickly; weddings pared down, parties less extravagant, travel more constricted.  We are affected by gas prices and are often the first thing to "go" when a formerly wealthy household starts trimming around the edges.  We are also the first thing back.  So, for whatever it's worth, 2011 isn't so bad.  I mean, I've seen more jubilation this year than in the last five; all accompanied by players who were paid to show up and provide high quality live music.  Then again, perhaps music is simply a cheaper/less destructive way to avoid depression, and the feeling is more akin to dancing while Rome burns...only time will tell.

Why this blog?

You may ask yourself the same question I did, and still do, a little.  Why this blog?  Why not just a website where I can send prospective employers to? are a few things I came up with.  One, it's cheap.  This blog costs nothing, really, and is much easier to maintain than websites I've had in the past.  Second, my gigging world is a mostly private affair.  WNC has an uber elite network of private clubs, resorts, and second (3rd, 4th, 5th) homes which hold grand parties, great music, but which are unknown to mere commoners.  I truly am curious about other gigging drummers around the world?  Where do you play, who do you meet, what's it like?  I'd love to know - if you ever find this site send me a note.  Until then I'll shed some light on what it's like here in the mountains of North Carolina.  Personally I love playing here.  While it does lack some of the bling of larger city locales, and fewer opportunities especially for starting musicians, we still have waterfalls, creeks, trails, and lots of room to roam. 

I have some ideas for articles to help younger drummers/musicians and to reflect on mistakes and positives made over the years too.  So, think of this blog as a journal of sorts.  If no one else reads it then perhaps I, one day, will find it fascinating and enjoy looking back at the dates and remembering.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things went well tonight.  I did get into a massive rainstorm and had drums in the back of my truck, but what's a few minutes wait under a closed gas store canopy with good music?   Enjoy this old school track featuring Bernard Purdie & Dizzie G.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Saturday, Biltmore Park (Arden/I-26)

I will be playing on the green near the Movie Theater and Biltmore Park shopping area (there is a Y over there somewhere) this Saturday from 7-pm with Kat Williams.  Come check us out.  They say it's a really good sound system.  Turn up the kick!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

song used in video

This is kind of cool, someone on youtube did an outdoor film project with one of my songs - check it out here;

(kayaking, nature)

New powered subwoofer

Well, I always dislike the lack of bottom end available at small venues.  No more perhaps!  I just purchased a Mackie 1501 HD subwoofer for kick drum support, small to medium venue gigs.  Stay tuned for a review.