Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Show with Mackie HD1501 Sub

I would have waited until I had more time in with this speaker system, but it sounded so good tonight I wanted to post it.  It's just what I hoped it would be.  I was spoiled by the impossible-to-transport older Mackie sub box, the 18".  But the 15" is real nice for that desperately needed bass.  Mic placement seems to be the key factor in the whole setup.  I was running at 70% power, just barely running into the yellow light on the subwoofer, and playing outdoors for maybe 200-250 people.  It tightened up the band, saved my foot a lot of work, and kept folks on their feet for the duration.  It even took a few specks of rain - but thankfully I wasn't the only one wondering about how well cymbals conduct electricity.  Or otherwise influence lightning.  But we setup immediately under cover and kept going.  The sound wasn't as perfect for lack of time to fine tune, but it was still great, and simple.  Just be careful, if someone moves your eq be sure to check the trim knob before turning on...

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