Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kick Drum help

Two misconceptions about kick drum sound and mic-ing. One; turning up the low end on the eq will solve a 'lack of bass' problem.  In fact, a good drum with a good mic in the right place will sound full and great with minor tweaks on the eq.  Two; a looser bass drum batter head means lower, punchier sound.  In fact, the words punchy and low are two distinct frequencies, complementing one another.  Experiment with a tighter batter head and various light muffling of the resonant head to reduce overtones. 

A punchy bass with a head tight enough to bounce the kick pedal on, combined with a well placed mic with minor eq tweaking (off mids, a little high boost, maybe a 'little' low) means one thing - killer live sound.

Of course, then you need a good system. :/

p.s. - opinions on kick drum tuning mics and eq and fx are like....well, everyone has one.  Of course, some ARE better than others.

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