Monday, July 11, 2011

Why this blog?

You may ask yourself the same question I did, and still do, a little.  Why this blog?  Why not just a website where I can send prospective employers to? are a few things I came up with.  One, it's cheap.  This blog costs nothing, really, and is much easier to maintain than websites I've had in the past.  Second, my gigging world is a mostly private affair.  WNC has an uber elite network of private clubs, resorts, and second (3rd, 4th, 5th) homes which hold grand parties, great music, but which are unknown to mere commoners.  I truly am curious about other gigging drummers around the world?  Where do you play, who do you meet, what's it like?  I'd love to know - if you ever find this site send me a note.  Until then I'll shed some light on what it's like here in the mountains of North Carolina.  Personally I love playing here.  While it does lack some of the bling of larger city locales, and fewer opportunities especially for starting musicians, we still have waterfalls, creeks, trails, and lots of room to roam. 

I have some ideas for articles to help younger drummers/musicians and to reflect on mistakes and positives made over the years too.  So, think of this blog as a journal of sorts.  If no one else reads it then perhaps I, one day, will find it fascinating and enjoy looking back at the dates and remembering.

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