Monday, July 11, 2011

Musician = canary in the coal mine?

Well, I don't have to listen to the economic news it seems.  As folks debate budget gaps, deficits, rich taxes, poor entitlements, and the endless array of political jargon available on your T.V. anytime of day - I say look closer to home.  Musicians feel the winds of economics quickly; weddings pared down, parties less extravagant, travel more constricted.  We are affected by gas prices and are often the first thing to "go" when a formerly wealthy household starts trimming around the edges.  We are also the first thing back.  So, for whatever it's worth, 2011 isn't so bad.  I mean, I've seen more jubilation this year than in the last five; all accompanied by players who were paid to show up and provide high quality live music.  Then again, perhaps music is simply a cheaper/less destructive way to avoid depression, and the feeling is more akin to dancing while Rome burns...only time will tell.

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