Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Music Release by Spencer 4th July, 2011

Reservations Behind, a small collection of similarly themed songs, is being released in honor of this drum page being created.  No really, drumming is something that's been in the background of my life, for, my whole life.  Being a gigging musician is a real trip, the different ways that your passion comes out over years, what you saw in the beginning, in the middle, where you see it now and where it's going.  Having this page as a central point for my visible drumming energies is a success for me.  So, here's a sample tune off of the new CD, available on amazon and itunes, napster and others worldwide as of this week sometime.  They are different, I'm just putting a sample on here for you.  More at Windrider. (see friends)

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