Friday, August 26, 2011

Mackie HD1501 update

I continue to be in love with the active subwoofer for my live kit. And twice now the new inclusion has saved the show, no really! A few weeks ago there was a miscommunication between the performers and the stage crew, they expected us to have our own sound system - at a 500 person theater - DOH!!! Ouch. Not good. We didn't bring it. But since I was carrying the 12 channel mixer that I run the Sub through we were able to patch into the main sound system there and make it work. Good thing too. Then the other night the band used the little mixer again in a pinch. I don't like the sound going directo from mic to speaker, not a great idea, low gain, poor tone. But running through the mixers preamps with very little eq adjustment and then on the the HD1501 is a wonderful thing.

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