Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, last night I think I played the best solo ever in my life. It was really emotional, which is weird. The trio was rockin out Armando's Rhumba which has extended solos for piano, bass, and drums. Part of me wished it was recorded but then again, perhaps it was just some treat for the memory. I don't know if it was playing in the All Soul's Church in Biltmore, which was designed for music and the art by the same guy who designed the Biltmore House (GENIUS!). The sound quality was like playing in one of Enya's reverb units or something, which has the potential to be a drumming nightmare, but it was def. a dream instead. Maybe it was feeling like I was playing to heavenly hosts. Or perhaps even the increased artistic appreciation and musical perception that the audience might had, reflected back to the performers. Perhaps it was the perfect weather, or something larger and more universal that has been going on the past few days. Even the wonderful church service I myself was a part of earlier in the day. Either way, there were no cobwebs in the mind, absolutely nothing stood between me and the perfect note; speed and clarity, space and timing, dynamics and accuracy - I've never played so freely and musically in my life. That's saying a lot I assure you! :D So all in all, thanks to those who came out to the benefit yesterday, Sunday. It was a climactic experience for both the listeners and the players of instruments. Kat sounded spectacular in there as well....of course!

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